“We love and
live kitchens.”


Felicitas Wolf and Birgit Müller – Passion, creativity, expertise and a deep understanding of the needs and wishes of our customers are what particularly distinguish the company’s management team.


Beauty of shape, elegance paired with functionality and excellent quality – these predicates stand for the design team around Birgit Müller, Felicitas Wolf, Ivo J. M. Gockel and Carole Letissier.


The satisfaction of our customers has priority always. The team around Astrid Rempel and Maria Muñiz ensure this with full passion and commitment.


The perfect interaction of planning, execution, delivery and installation requires special attention. The team around Manuela Lamuño and Sofia Setien Alvarez take care of this.


Punctuality, safety, and environmental awareness – this is what the work and creativity of our logistician Luis Mariano Tomás stands for.

And “last but not least”, our fantastic carpenter team:

The focus

on people.

All the highest quality kitchens & accessories ultimately make up only part of the success.
Only through the optimal interaction of the people in the background, the truly perfect kitchen succeeds.